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Jaar Open Class A Class Junior Class Cadet Class Pre-Cadet Class Kids Class
2016 Two Different Worlds The Bella's
2015 The Pieces of a Puzzle Zo Bijzonder
2014 Just Smile Come and sit for a spell
2013 Behind the Mask 2-Gether
2012 Turning tables Fit the words Diva`s van het Zwanenmeer  
2011 Wild horses The beat California girls  
2010 Are you feeling it! Super mario Sta op  
2009 Spraying to the 60's Zomersneeuw
2008 Roselignes Finally Feesten met de beesten
2007 Blast from the past The city that never sleeps Vlieg mee  
2006 Opposite attraction Girls on the street Summertime  
2005 Irish challange Jungle
2004 On the corner Tropical dream
2003 Espania Baila Am to pm
2002 The contradiction Janet
2001 Colors Feng shu
2000 Stomp Stay Email from berlin
1999 The opposite controversion Ray of light Flubber
1998 Drive in Drive out Lekkerbek Smurfenshow  
1997 Alanis
1996 Changes
1995 Mondriaan
1994 Galileo
1993 Olympic
1992 Where does the time go
1991 Mychzo malum
1990 Fragmatic
1989 Myst
Dysney folks
1988 Trizonen  
1987 Schizotic Annie
1986 Scarymen